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Rating: 5.9/10 (35 Votes cast)
SecondLife Status: Online
Country of Residence
United Kingdom
Languages Spoken
Second Life Name
Reba Tedeschi
Dj Name
Reba T
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About Me

Some say I possibly have the largest collection of music in SL. It covers classic rock, progressive rock, blues, jazz, country, classical, pop, 60’s, 70’s. Always willing to take and play requests as long as they fit in with what is being played or I can ease the music around to suit.

I am very much a hands on DJ :rarely is there more that one or two tracks waiting in my queue.

When I started DJing
School DJ way, way back when .......... playing rock music in the common room we had available for past time usage. Early - Mid '80's Rock DJ in numerous venues and clubs in the Leeds/Wakefield/York (UK) area for many years. One venue I was also involved in booking bands like Groundhogs, Budgie, Saracen, Solstice and many others during the NWOBHM era. I had a Rock chart, based on requests and popular tracks at the time, from one club published in and issue of Kerrang! Rock magazine back in those halcyon days. Also involved in local radio rock show as part of the back room staff manning the phones due to my knowledge of music. Late 90's Friday Night Country music DJ in Harrogate where it was party time. I may have been unable to line dance to save my life, but I had a knack of being able to call the right dance for a song after a couple of bars. I was known to accept a two-step on occasions, though :) SL DJ. Played at several clubs before taking the reigns of co-ownership with my long time RL and SL partner, keeping Crazy Diamond running from the amazing Jazze. For over two great years we having been running the club, made many good friends and lost many good friends too. Always willing to help new upcoming DJ's get started.
Events Played at
No12 Crazy Diamond Wet Willies Woodstock '69
Event Times
Wet Willies 4am-6am Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri Crazy Diamond 2pm-4pm Fri and having a general rock jam whenever there are no DJ's rostered.
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Decide how many stars this dj should get and click to vote
Rating: 5.9/10 (35 Votes cast)