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Rating: 6.6/10 (79 Votes cast)
SecondLife Status: Online
Country of Residence
United Kingdom
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Second Life Name
IntrusiveNature Resident
Dj Name
DJ Intrusive Nature
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About Me

DJ Intrusive Nature is not just a DJ he is an entertainer. With this DJ you get the full package.

Most DJs announce songs but DJ Intrusive Nature interacts with the crowd and keeps everyone entertained and the tips flowing. Currently working in SLs biggest and most famous club, Ambrosia, DJ Intrusive Nature has dancers fighting to work with him due to his ability to promote them and the club he is working in.

DJ Intrusive Nature has a love of music and entertaining and this above anything else drives his enthusiasm for SL DJing. He has worked in every venue from DJing Children’s Hospital Radio and Public Radio in RL to a stint at SLs DanceStar Ballroom to his adult entertainment role on Paltalk. He is an all round entertainer with the skills and breadth of experience to deal with any club, any music and any situation.

Specialising in ripped & re-built for the dance-floor chart re-mixes, mash-ups, Billboard Hottest 100 and Top 40 music, he also welcomes requests with his 800,000 track music library. DJ Intrusive Nature is able to cater for any venue and any musical genre, from R&B to Dance, Oldskool to New Cool.

From the UK, DJ Intrusive Nature is able to fill European time slots, however he will consider other times if the club is right.

When I started DJing
With 25 years of RL experience DJing in clubs, radio and online, DJ Intrusive Nature has a style all his own, and the crowds love it. He has worked in RL in two of the biggest commercial radio stations in the Northwest of England, UK. With extensive experience online he worked as one of the most well known DJs for 6 years on Paltalk, a well known chat based website, pulling between 300-500 listeners per set 3 days per week. Now in SL he has quickly made a name for himself and has worked at some of the top clubs including the DanceStar Ballroom, Club Exxess, Sissy’s Dream, Static Nightclub and The Ninth Crown. Now working at Ambrosia, Rez, The GSpot Club and Club Kayos he does have some time slots available. Please IM/Notecard him with enquiries.
Events Played at
Ambrosia Dance Club, Rez Night Club The G Spot Club, Club Kayos.
Event Times
Monday - OpenTuesday - OpenWednesday 12-2pm Ambrosia Dance ClubThursday - OpenFriday 12-2pm Rez Nightclub4-6pm The G Spot8-10pm Club KayosSaturday12-2pm Ambrosia Dance Club4-6pm The G Spot. Sunday - Open
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Decide how many stars this dj should get and click to vote
Rating: 6.6/10 (79 Votes cast)