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Dragon Garside

Just a normal older guy who loves music. I spin to the enjoyment of others! I love seeing people dancing and having a good time.

Logan Reigns

My name is Logan Reigns.

I am co-owner of Pandorum Esports, LLC. An organization that offers financial support and sponsorship to competitive esports teams.

I have been a member of the Second Life community for 4 years. In that time, I’ve focused on the things that I love to do. Playing Music (DJ), Scripting (Programming), building businesses and helping others. These are things I get lost in for hours.

Music is a passion and my previous DJ experience extends beyond Second Life. If I’m not playing music, I’m listening to it. It’s a daily regimen.


Hello, I’m Katherine. I’m german and only speak english (little), spanish & german.
I’m DJ & dancer in SL.
I like dark, terror & gothic places, and erotic literature.


I have a passion for music with 16 years of experience as a DJ & 2 years producer.

Franko Koenig

my Mainstyle is House and Trance Music.

kendric Stromfield


Scary Jester

Tru Colors Gay Club, Various Others as needed Hit me up if you need a DJ!!